Welcome to my world

This is a world where you are not defined by your past, but instead focused on evolving into the most authentic, soul led version of yourself. A place where you are encouraged to go deep into all things body, mind and soul, to shake off your past conditioning of the person you were raised to be, and become the person you truly are at your core.

Your true self is waiting for you, are you ready?

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate”

Carl Jung

My Ethos…

I believe that you are your own best healer.

No one knows you struggles, your strengths, and you desires like you do. No one else has the embodiment of your unique self that is your soul’s blueprint of this life time. The problem is that we can’t see our blocks, our limited beliefs are hidden to use, and we get stuck in our old narratives of the past.

That is where I come in, holding space for you to unfurl into your true self. Giving compassion guidance, clarity and practice tools to move you body, mind and soul forward towards your desires. Blending the spirit, soul and human experience together in tangible ways that allow you to expand into your highest potential.

It’s a journey we are on, let’s walk together.

Ways to work with me


Various masterminds, group coaching, astro coaching and 1:1 sessions, all from a heart center place.


Offering a variety of courses to support your body, mind and soul.


About me

Hi! I’m Anna, the soul behind The Soul Coach, I am truly happy you found my page, I hope my words empower you to get curious about your journey.

I have a passion for empowering people to live their purpose, which is to be the most authentic version of themselves and reach for their desires. Your soul knows the way, I empower you to step into that version of yourself. I offer heart centered guidance, clarity and support on your journey. My previous career was as a pastry chef and I have a B. A in Psychology from the University of Vermont. Trauma informed, animal lover, nature enthusiast, spiritual soul living the full human experience.