Breaking the Illusion of right and wrong

This is a topic I have struggled with big time. I’m struggling right now as I type these words. But here I go…

So I, much like everyone want to be right. I want to hold the moral high ground of “what I am doing is right, and if you aren’t doing/believing/thinking the same you are wrong. But what if the concept of “right” and “wrong” are not real. What if they are illusions made up by our small selves in order to organize our own belief systems and give a sense of control to a world that we don’t have control over.

Which is another topic for a different day, we actually are very powerful and have the power to create our realities AND we don’t have control over anything but how we choose to respond to ourselves which in turns creates our life experience. But again, different topic for a different day.

For the sake of this post we are keeping it simple, humans like control because we were not taught how to use our power so basically it scares us. Our nervous systems freak out, we start to self doubt and worry what others will think, and we self abandon because we feel unsafe being different then those around us.

But let’s put down these stories for a moment, don’t worry you can pick them back up after this post, I know how much the story of who you believe you are is rooted in your ego identity and setting it aside momentarily can cause a bit of anxiety. But I invite you to have an open mind when you are reading this. How ever that looks to you.

What if we didn’t categorize our thoughts/beliefs/feelings on what is right or wrong? On what ones feel good and what feels bad? What if we could let go of our need to be right, and just let whatever is coming up, come up?

Because at our core, we are love. And whatever is coming up, is ultimately false, it is conditioning from this life or a past one, it is an agreement of your soul and something bigger, something we humans have a hard time grasping because no one really knows and we won’t ever really know. So why don’t we relax into the not knowing and just experience the sensations in our body? as neutral. Yes there are ones that are more pleasurable then others, but what if we didn’t make these unpleaserable feeling so bad? so wrong, so “not right”. I think we would feel like we were bad people if we did that. Like if we aren’t doing and being the “right” ways… we must in turn, be wrong. And we have made it a crime against humanity to be wrong.

Yes there are societal things that are considered wrong, and for good reason. That is more of a moral code of conduct that our society has adopted. But can you see flaws in this moral code of conduct ? How are so many people out there left to starve and we don’t put a stop to it? There are whole countries of people being tortured, evicted from their lands, treated as less then human, and the majority of us don’t really give it a second thought. We tend to look the other way making excuses about how we can’t do anything about it, but isn’t that wrong? Whatever our excuses are , it doesn’t take away from the reality that people are still suffering. But excuses and blaming the “other in charge” are allowed in today’s society. You might not agree that it is allowed, but it is.

How do we know it’s allowed? Because it is currently going on, and has been going on for years. If it wasn’t allowed, there would be actual forces trying to stop it. But instead there is just division, saying how wrong and bad the “other ” is, or weakly enforced regulations, laws, and platitudes to attempt to show the people that indeed we are doing something for these people in these unfortunate circumstances. But let’s drop the act. People are suffering and nothing real of sustainable measures is being done.

So I ask you, what can be done?

You can stop focusing all your power on the external and turn inwards. To where you can really make change. You can stop with your moral regulation of your right and wrong sensations, and just accept them as part of the many layered being you are. You can realize your ego is the source of your doubts, judgments and fears and you can lovingly tell it to pipe down. Your ego wants to keep us afraid and small, so we don’t rock the boat and be seen as “wrong”, and be cast out by our peers and loved ones. The more we succumb to the ego, therefore keeping us afraid and small, the more we think we have no power, and the more we succumb to external circumstances keeping us powerless…ie. news, media, government etc etc.

Take. your. power. back.

You feel deeply that our society is wrong?

Do your inner work, that is the only way you will have any power to create any lasting change. Anything else is lip service, you want to be seen as right and righteous, disliking all the people hurting others, but you don’t do much about it besides talk about how wrong they are.

That will do nothing but create more of a divide. More righteousness, more fear, more separateness, more of the same conditions we have now.

The only way things will change is if everyone realizing how powerful they are on an individual basis, that we are manifesting our reality all the time based on our subconscious beliefs systems. You want a new reality? Go in an look where you don’t want to look, at your so called “wrong” feelings and sensations.

If everyone did that, we would have a new earth. Just like Eckhart Tolle talks about.

How will we get everyone to do that? By doing it for yourself and stopping the obsessive worrying about how right and wrong everyone else is.

Focus on you. Let yourself out of this god forsaken box we have all put ourselves in.

It’s not selfish, it’s how the world changes.

The inner game is the only game.


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