How astrology benefits you

Astrology has been around for thousands of years, people from all over the globe have looked to the stars for guidance, for hope and for clarity about our life’s circumstances. There are literally so many common archetypal patterns of human consciousness being shown in the sky, and yet when I speak of it today, people seem to be in two separate camps, the first being…

” Astrology? that is so common place and I don’t even resonate with my sun sign at all”


“Astrology? all that stuff is too complex for me”.

When really I believe astrology can offer us these three things…

  • Clarity
  • Curoisity
  • Choice

Let’s start with clarity.


Everyone is looking for clarity, everyone wants to know what path they should pursue, whether it’s in money, career, love, friendships or life long destiny. We all seem to be asking questions and looking to everything outside of ourselves for answers.

But the answers we seek are all within. As I like to say “the inner game is the only game”, and what is a way to access the inner game? By gaining knowledge of your personal astrology, one way is. by looking at the formation of the sky at the exact moment of your birth, other wise known as your natal chart. It holds keys to your personal struggles, strengths and when and where they may show up. If you haven’t had a natal chart reading done I recommend it.

But let’s take that further. We might not want to sit through a reading, or have the funds to pay for it, or it could be a bunch of jibber jabber and we get frustrated with it so we put it down and forget about it.

I offer you another way. Each one of us has every single sign, planet and luminary (sun and moon) in our chart somewhere and depending on their placement, they could be influencing our lives to a great degree.

I’ll use myself as an example, I have my moon in Sagittarius in the 5th or 6th house, depends on which house placement I use.

Your moon sign is pretty well known as a beacon of your internal world. Ok no big deal, my internal world is fiery, optimistic, free spirited with a love for all things international.

Then I got my chart read and discovered the Uranus sits pretty much on top of my natal moon …

What does this mean?

It means that my emotional world is, in the balanced state, innovative, exciting, individual, lots of interesting opportunities seem to come out of no where, and unique. AND in the unbalanced state, I feel rebellious, flighty, non committal, unpredictable and unbalanced.

Yup, that story checks out, and it’s why the traditional Sadge moon info seemed a bit lacking for me.

When I found this out I breathed a sign of relief. WOW so much makes sense now, I’m not someone that is emotional unbalanced and unpredictable, wanting to do something one day and not the next because something is wrong with me, I simply have a strong energy of unique individualism, influencing my internal world.

It really cleared up a lot of self flagulation I would do when I thought I was messing up again, by starting something new and ditching the old.

What I turned that into was this….

” it’s ok to change your mind”

“It’s ok to feel a lot of feelings, you don’t need to act on all of them”

“Every path leads you to where you need to be”

” A “no” is just as important as a “yes”, it’s all fine tuning the path you are on”

“It’s exciting to be interested in all different kinds of things, you don’t need to limit yourself”

This knowledge was key, as was accepting these traits, and learning to work with them for my highest good.

And it all start with clarity. You don’t know what you don’t know, and that is ok.

Learning to work with all the pieces of the puzzle in your natal chart can bring this clarity.

But it is up to us to accept it and learn to work with it.


P.S we will dive into the other two traits, choice and curiosity the next blog posts 🙂

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