What’s on the other side of discomfort…..

Two words… massive growth.

That is, if you can be with the discomfort, not immediately numb it out with your favorite distraction methods, and let yourself softened into it.

Your pain can teach you things your joy simply will never be able to. And the up side to that? You increase your capacity for joy, as well as your tolerance for pain. For joy and pain are connected, as all emotions are, you can not have more joy in life with out pain, because without knowing what pain is, you will never know true joy. You will walk through life avoiding both, it will be boring, and you will become numb to the real and raw experience of life going on around you. You will be up in your head, worrying about things that will probably never effect you, being depressed about your past and anxious about your future, instead of experiencing the present moment, in all it’s joy, pain, beauty and love.

Yes, I can hear you already! I can hear your protests, your “how do you do thats” your eye rolls, your ” well that isn’t me” your scrolling over this post, your avoidance, your unwillingness to see things a different way …. your basic disbelief that anything good could come from discomfort.

I hear you because I had all of those same thoughts. It is just recently that I have started to embody this knowledge on a deep cellular level. Meaning this isn’t just conscious knowledge floating around in my brain, it’s body based wisdom that has come from the last two months of being thrust into discomfort and unknown territories, and realizing that if I don’t run from it, if I sit with it and let it teach me it’s lesson, I come out wiser, stronger and with more clarity of my soul’s true path.

Our society has an aversion to discomfort. We run from it, we run from our big emotions, we numb out with TV, social media, food, exercise, alcohol, sex etc etc etc….we project our issues on to others so we can cause flights, we avoid confrontations, we avoid things that could even turn into confrontations, we assume things instead of asking, we always make someone else “bad” so we can focus on their badness and not take any responsibility for our actions, we fixtate of fears that are so out of our control or things that we know will never happen to us, so we can avoid our real fears….we basically will do anything to not leave our comfort zones, even if those zones really don’t serve us.

But what I want you to know, that this is all ok AND we are ultimately in control of if we do these actions or not. These are all learned coping mechanisms that have turned into patterns that shape how we see ourselves and the world. They have immensely served us as children, but now it is time to let them go. It is time to take responsibility for our lives and the events in them, even if we don’t like them….well really ESPECIALLY if we don’t like them.

Our subconscious beliefs create our reality, a direct route to our subconscious is through our pain, and our discomfort. If you feel like if you were to start sitting with your pain, you will become the pain and be swallowed up by it? Well, that is probably already happening on a subconscious level. Our subconscious runs the show, if you are denying you pain, it is being stored in your body, and ultimately driving all that you do.

Let’s take our power back. Let’s become the captain of our ship, the co creator of our world. Victim consciousness is something we can leave behind, but it does take work.

It takes committing to live in your truth and aiming towards your highest good more often then not. It takes sitting with discomfort that comes up and transmuting into wisdom.

Take this slowly, one small action a day, one small step in the direction of your desires.

You can do this. I believe in you.


Photo by Elina Fairytale on Pexels.com

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