Breaking free from the cage of conditioning.

This year I choose me.

This year I claim the most authentic version of myself yet.

This is the year that I step out of victim consciousness and into my own empowerment once and for all.

This year I follow my heart’s desires vs my ego’s fears.

This is the year I shed all relationships that don’t serve my highest path.

Because this is the year I begin to live for myself.

I decide what means something to me.

I decide where I put my time, money and energy.

Because at the end of this short time I have here on earth, I do not want to look back and see all the things I didn’t do because of “another’s” views on it…

My view is what matters, my word is my law and my energy is sacred.

I am creating a beautiful life for myself.

To inspire you to do the same.

And I’m taking you with me! Yup, if you are here reading this, you are coming. You may not want to, you may like where you are, you may think you are powerless to change, you may be just reading this to fuel your fire of doubts, you may be reading this because you have an interest in this type of content but never see yourself really stepping into it… but I am here to tell you , if you are here, even reading this words. You are shifting. These words are planting seeds in your subconscious, seeds of change, growth and evolution. You don’t realize it, but these seeds may pop up as little sprouts when you least them. What you do with them, is ultimately up to you, but I want you to really hear these next words…

If you desire to change, you can. It takes work, but it is worth it.

Your soul will thank you.


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