A “signier” sign….

This meme has been doing around the instagram world lately, and it makes me laugh.

“Universe, send me a sign.

A sign comes.

I don’t like that sign, I want a signier sign”

But I mean, can’t we all relate!

Basically we want a better sign, not the actual sign that came.

I know I can, I often would ask for a sign and do the following:

Not listen for an answer.

Not like the answer when I got it.

Ask for a different sign.

Bemoan that no sign ever comes….

Just be mad at the universe, myself and everyone else, and feel stuck.

I did this for a long, long time basically until a few months ago. When I started to actually listen to what was going on.

Basically… the universe wants what’s best for you, not what is comfortable, usually not what you already have and usually it is thinking on a bigger scale then you are.

If you say you want something that you currently don’t have, this current version of you is going to have to do some shifting, expanding and changing of your energy and nervous system, to be able to vibrationally and physically have this new thing you want.

Ie… I want a beautiful, sacred union full of passion, connection and deep soul union. But if I have never had this, my body would not know what to do with such a person if it came tomorrow.

So the universe gives you opportunities to step into this version of you, so you can hold the new energies of love, connection, passion and receiving.

Receiving is a big one, no love of your life is going to come to you only to be swatted away by your “Oh no, I couldn’t, don’t , can’t ,deserve that”…

So when you ask or a sign, be open to ways it can come in.

Also ask from an empowered, open place of willingness to see the sign and act on it, even if it doesn’t make sense or you really don’t want to.

Your willingness is everything, you must be willing to see things a different way, you must be open to a sign coming in the form of a text message, a friend calling, and invitation, a new opportunity , or a falling apart of something you planned on happening.

Be open and willing to see things from a different perspective.

That is also my favorite definition of a miracle.

“A miracle is a shift in perspective”

Marianne Williamson

Go forth and find your miracles today !


Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com

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