Can you receive joy?

I’ve been having a mind blowing kinda week. One where a simple phrase in a training has landed deeply, and makes me rethink my entire business.

But not in a bad way, not in a way of ” let’s throw out everything I have done and start something new”. But in a way that is just a slight shift from my original idea. A new way of looking at the same thing, but with a fresh prespective. One of Joy.

My old bio in my instagram said ” Helping people break free from their cage of conditioning”… which yes that is the aim of my business. I have come to know that we are so, so much more then our past conditioning from our childhood, past life’s, ancestral trauma, school, religion etc etc etc…. and I want to support people in shedding these layers.

But something just wasn’t landing, something was missing. I naturally am a fiercely optimistic , positive person, and I felt like I wanted more of that in my business. I want to both inspire and transform, but from a place of joy.

From a place of touching on the vulnerability we have in all of us, our joy , our pleasure, our ability to give and receive love. We say that our shame and guilt is something that is a sensitive place to touch on, and it is. But our society tends to connect within our pain. With in all the bad, annoying, painful, anger producing experiences that we all have, so often when we meet up with friends we begin to rattle off all of the painful or frustrating things we have going on in our lives. How often do you meet up with your friends and celebrate all the goodness in your life?

Can you even see the goodness in your life? If you can’t, you aren’t alone, and that is where I come in.

My bio now says “Helping you connect with your joy”

and the phrase in the training was this..

” Are you be willing to connect in the vulnerability of sharing your joy?”

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