My Services

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It is my belief that your soul desires were given to you at birth, it’s safe to reach for them.

What I offer…

My services are backed in your personal astrology, with a focus on the psychological effects on your body, mind, and soul.

Astrology shows our potential, but we have to make the choice to utilize it.

Free will trumps fate in my world. We are powerful creators, doing the inner work will create change in your external.

I hold compassionate space for you to grow into the person you are at your core, vs the person you were raised to be.

My focus is based in your potential not your past, it comes from the heart, and is for the highest good.

Holding Space 1:1

My transformation coaching container, that holds space for you to expand into your most authentic self.

Soul’s Blueprint

The formation of the stars at the time of your birth holds keys to your inherent gifts, talents, struggles and strengths. Awareness is key in utilizing them for your highest good.

Solar Return

The best birthday present you can give yourself! Your solar return happens every year on your birthday and can give you a foreshadowing into the energy of your next year.


Harnessing the power of the current zodiac transit for your highest potential.

Anna’s reading explained clearly what every aspect of my chart meant and how it applied to me. It was refreshing to hear how these impacted and guided my strengths and weaknesses.

— Sontelle V.

It felt like you were looking into my soul.

— Kristin B.