Helping people uncover their true selves by accessing their intuition, highest self and connection to spirit….

This! Is a mouthful. Even as I type that I am like laughing in my head. YOU! Who do you think you are that could offer this to others, you have struggled with this your whole life. HELL you didn’t even believe in anything highest power associated until like 2 years ago, and you still question every nudge your intuition gives you, that is when you even let yourself hear it.

Brain says…not qualified.

But isn’t that exactly what makes someone qualified? That they went from total non believe to total believe? and it’s envidenced in their daily lives, in how they show up and who they aim to be on the reg? Or is it having intellect knowledge but zero integration of it in their lives?

As I ponder the above statement more and more, it seems to make more and more sense. Who do people trust to lead them? People that have been in their shoes, someone that they can relate to and that they can see a piece of themselves in. Being relatable is big. Sure we see lots of people making big moves, doing the thing, breaking the mold, making the money… but can we relate to them? Usually not. Usually our minds tell us that they are way separate from us, those people are “over there” because of any and all reasons we come up with, more successful, more beautiful, more connected, smarter, funnier etc etc etc.

When in reality they are human as well, and humans come with the same set of feelings/sensations/ability to doubt themselves and an ego that wants to keep them in a familiar role. People are just all on different paths.

And the other day, when I was literally walking on a path, and this download dropped it, it made me stop short, laugh, and then immediately text someone to tell them because I knew that it was important to my overall path.

Sometimes the things we struggle with most are signs that there is a gift in there somewhere , usually one that you tend to ignore. Because the thing about natural talents is that we tend to take them for granted. They are always with us, we tend to forget that other humans may still be struggling with that same thing and your words could greatly aid them on their path.

So in short, don’t take anything about your amazing self for granted, your struggles can be turned into our greatest wisdom. We are only gifted with so many years here in this body, let’s spend them living as fully as we can.


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